FA: Repton/Speech badges, Repton Ruler & Repton 3 pens...

FA: Repton/Speech badges, Repton Ruler & Repton 3 pens...

Post by david.bradfo.. » Tue, 27 Jun 2006 02:03:36

take a look at www.riscdomain.info - it's currently pointing in the
right direction. I've got badges for Speech and Repton, a Repton ruler
and a Repton 3 pen up for auction as well as the final printed copies
of BASIC V: A Dabhand Guide to originate in the UK (the current ones
originating from the USA).



1. Repton badges, pens and rulers...

I've cross-posted this because given the lack of activity on
c.s.a.games it may be of interest.

I've just listed on eBay my remaining badges, pens and rulers.

If you'd like a Christmas gift for a Repton fan, these are probably
ideal - but there's limited everythings lol.

These prices include carriage.


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