Free magazines to good home

Free magazines to good home

Post by Danny Lawrenc » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm sure they will soon become valuable collectors' items but pressure
of space means that I must clear out my collection of Acorn magazines.
Free to a good home if you are able to collect them (I live half-way
between Nottingham and Derby).
Contact me by either e-mail or phone - 0115 9178550.

Danny Lawrence
School of Sociology & Social Policy
University of Nottingham


1. Magazines free to a good home!

Don't bother - send them for pulping.  I advertised mine and although I
had three replies, they all fell through with various excuses.  I had no
time for the requests - "Could I have early issues of ......", etc.  The
magazines were offered for free, so do your own sorting.  They have

Marcus Foreman

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