TV Nation & Bill Gates

TV Nation & Bill Gates

Post by D Buddi » Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Found this on the tv-nation newsgroup today,
which I believe was originally on a Mac site.

"Even Bill Has Neighborhood Problems :-)
We receieved early this morning an email from a reader who recently
helped with a "housewarming party" for Bill Gates at his new $60 million
estate. If you're looking for a great laugh, read on:

Filmmaker & author Michael Moore (TV Nation, Roger & Me) was in town
for a reading & shot a piece for his forthcoming fox show "The Michael
Moore Show." He figured that after spending nearly 60 million on his new
home, Bill probably didn't have enough money left over for some of the
niceties that so many of us take for granted... So, he picked up a few
of them- a Dirt Devil, A Weed Whacker, a potted plant, welcome mat,
etc., and got a few volunteers to help him deliver them... He chartered
a boat, & promptly at 6:30 am (in other words 8am), we set sail for the
mansion... "

Anyone interested in the rest, I can email you with it, rather than take up
any more bandwidth here - or else visit the tv-nation newsgroup


Drew Buddie


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You appear to be referring to my editorial in the May 95 issue of RISC User
when I said:

  "Now think back to 1989, when today's graduates were in secondary school..
  which child would be getting the better grounding in today's computing
  techniques - the one using the DOS command line on a 286 to run single-
  tasking programs, or the one using a RISC-powered Acorn with a
  multitasking GUI?"

I was commenting on an article in an Internet magazine that claimed schools
had wasted 10 years by becoming wedded to Acorn technology.


Alan Wrigley        

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