Gameboy Emulator?? Where are the games?

Gameboy Emulator?? Where are the games?

Post by Andreas Jo » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

JF> And what could be done with it? I mean is there a possibility to put the
JF> Gameboy-cartridges "into" my A3010 (or is it only for RPC?) and if the  
JF> Gameboy-cartridges could not be used, who brings them onto disc?

I don't know, who brings them to disc, but they are avaiable.
(I saw some.)
But this games are illegal copies, so you can't spread theme puplic.

For example
 - Prince of Persia,
 - Tetris
 - Mario
 - Puzznic
 - Boulder Dash
   etc. etc.

If you're illegal, you should ask friends for games...

If you have no german contacts, you should read diskmacs like Connect/
Hardliner, ArcTalk... read the CF (Computerflohmarkt), Archimedes.GER (Fido)
or join a user-group like GAG, Arche etc.

JF> Excuse me for my english explanations, but it's not as good as my german
JF> :-)

Same to me :))

Andreas Joos

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