MkIII mother board and sound

MkIII mother board and sound

Post by Philip C » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

After upgrading to SA, RiscOS 3.7 and a CJE 5x86, I had to send my RiscPC
away  (like a lot of people I expect) and it returned with a MkIII PCB and a
moded StrongARM.  Also returned (separately!) was my 16 bit sound card since
the MkIII has built in 16-bit sound.

All my supporting documentation for the mother board is now inaccurate so I
need some help.

Can I connect an audio lead from my CD-ROM drive to the mother board?

If yes, is there a diagram on the web showing me where the connection should
be made?

Do I need to change any drivers or other sound software?

Is there a market for redundant 16-bit sound cards?      

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Wayne Morellini.

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