X Windows for RiscBSD

X Windows for RiscBSD

Post by Robert Blac » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I am wondering whether to support 16 colour (4 bit) screen modes in
the RiscBSD X server. It currently only supports 8 bit graphics but
I will definitely be adding mono, 16bit and 24bit support. The reason
that 4 bit support is a problem is that there is little support for
it in the generic X server so it will probably add a large amount of
code to the RiscPC specific bits.

I am posting this here because most of the people on the RiscBSD
mailing list are the sort of people who are likely to benefit least
from a 4 bit X server. The people who are likely to benefit most
are those with A7000s or VRAMless RiscPCs: I'm hoping for some


Rob Black
RiscBSD X-Man


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