Publisher Disc2 wont install-

Publisher Disc2 wont install-

Post by Esteban A. Nune » Wed, 09 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Disc2 and it freezes upon
install- it wont get past the initial screen that pops up when you have
"autoinsert" activated on the PC (default setting for most
users-Win98)-  does anyone know why tis is happening- or what the min
requirements are for installing Pub2000-  I can't seem to get past this

I still have yet to see what Publisher 2000 is like.....

help please......

Steve Nunez


1. Error 2355 when installing Disc2 of Office 2K.

I've had a problem installing Disc 2 since I first tried installing it. Disc
1 installs with no problems whatsoever. I went through Microsoft Support and
was told that another copy of Disc 2 would be sent to me. Instead, I
received a copy of the SR-1 patch. I am still having difficulty installing
Disc 2 of Microsoft Office 2000. I keep getting error "internal error 2355:
Please contact product support for assistance" when I try to install Disc 2.
Please, please, please help. It has been months since I purchased this
product and I still have not been able to install "Small Business Tools",
nor "Publisher", which were the two programs that prompted me to buy the
Professional edition, rather than the Standard edition of Office 2000. I am
greatly disappointed at the lack of decent customer support by Microsoft,
especially considering the size & wealth of the company. Is it that
difficult to have a toll-free customer support line? In the past I have
spent lots of money in long distance charges trying to get tech support from
Microsoft, and in the end it was money wasted since none of my problems were
ever solved. The process of having to reach this tech support page, send an
email, and wait at least 24 hours for a one-way response is terribly
cumbersome. I have referred to the Knowledge Base regarding the above
installation problem with Office 2000, and I have tried the "solutions"
listed (no read ahead optimization for CD Rom, and smallest supplemental
cache size). I'm still having the problem.

Thank you,


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