Remove or add attendees and resources ha ha

Remove or add attendees and resources ha ha

Post by Dave Eckhard » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

According to Microsoft Outlook 98 Help to Remove attendees and resources

1 Open the meeting.
2 Click the Attendee Availability tab.
3 Click Invite Others.
4 To remove an attendee or resource, click the name you want to remove, and
then press DELETE.

Tip   To avoid sending duplicate meeting requests to people previously
invited, forward the meeting request to new attendees.

Does anyone have a modified form or code to allow people/resources to be
removed from a meeting while in the meeting form.  My users are going nuts
and microsofts Technet Solution is UNACCEPTABLE.

So far, my best solution is to select the original meeting copy it, paste
it, cancel the original meeting, make your changes in the copy and send it.
Still Stinks.

Thanks for any help



1. HA Ha ha ha ha...

This is great. I love Microsoft.

Okay, I have an append query that used to work. It took the values from
certain fields in one table and added the info to corresponding fields in
another table.  This still works if I personally double-click on the query.

However...when my program runs, and I have the line:

"DoCmd.OpenQuery ("QUERYNAME")

it...well, it seems to EXECUTE fine (no errors, etc) but nothing at all
gets added to the table it should be adding to.  It's one of those "this
used to work but now it doesn't" problems.

Come on, all you geniouses out there...ay ideas? Thanks everyone.

Brad Gagne

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