simultaneous VPN and internet connection problems

simultaneous VPN and internet connection problems

Post by T. Balfo » Tue, 11 Dec 2001 23:04:50


i'm trying to set up a W2K client to access our W2K VPN server via
PPTP over a cable modem connection.

I can connect to the VPN just fine, but when I do I lose my local
internet connection and must disconnect the VPN to browse the
web/internet.  I've done a lot of searching on google to find the
cause of the problem and nothing I've tried has worked.

I've tried checking/unchecking the "use default gateway on remote
network" on the VPN connectoid and when it is checked, the VPN
connection works but the internet does not and when it is not checked,
the internet works and the VPN doesn't.

I'm beginning to think that I may need to change something in the
ROUTE table, but don't know what.  I'm using 10.x.x.x subnet for my
VPN addressing schemata.

Can anyone advise?


austin, tx


1. Simultaneous Internet and Intranet access with one Instant Internet Server

* Just to clarify.  Is the Instant Internet Server a Product?  From
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* Or are you looking for a Service/Product that will allow you to
* access the Internet and Your Private Intranet, SIMULTANEOUSLY?
* If so, Digital AltaVista has the product set that will allow you
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* You can find out additional information by looking at:
* If you need any additional assistance or clarification, please
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Digital Equipment Corporation    home office: 714/460-9062
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