What's the diff between ZA 2.6 and ZA Pro 2.6?

What's the diff between ZA 2.6 and ZA Pro 2.6?

Post by mhicaoid » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 00:41:46

| Regular seems a little more stable and I haven't seen exactly what'd
| be better about Pro, other than little stuff like it's tray icon is
| more "right-side-up" (IMO).

    Pro allows for more specific controls of ports and traffic.  Some things
you simply cannot do with the free version.


1. ZA 2.6 Pro vs. ZA 3.5 (Free) Reinstall Problems

Oh I need a brain oil change.  And I knew better.  But I decided to
"upgrade" from ZA 2.6 Pro to the current free version.  As reported in
this NG, this current version has a few quirks and so I tried to go
back to my bullet-proof 2.6 Pro.  The new version left all kinds of
registry entries and files on the computer even after the uninstall.
And then I got error messages left and right.

So I spent a few hours trying to clean out evidence of either program.
I've used the instructions from the ZA site to remove many left over
components after the automatic uninstall.  Then I used several
registry cleaners to chase down a few more entries in the registry.
Then I did a search of the registry for the last few (?) ZA entries.
And now I intend to run the machine for a few days without a firewall
just to see if the problems really are related to ZoneAlarm.

IF ... oh IF ... I can get a few days without problems, then I intend
to reinstall the older version.  Has anyone else had this experience
and would you have any further guidance for me?

Thanks in advance.

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