Modem and LAN security

Modem and LAN security

Post by Kenneth Boyer Peders » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

We have the policy that it isn't allowed to use a modem while you're logged
into our Novell LAN.

Does anyone know if it is possible in Windows 95 to prevent communication on
the com-ports when you're logged into the Novell LAN ?
My own idea was to run a utility in the login-script, that disabled the Windows
95 com-port communication driver. But I cannot find such a utility.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how this functionality can be accomplished ?

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1. Security of gateway machine (Win98) used between cable modem and LAN?

(Apologies if this message is being re-posted. I've been having a lot
of trouble with my ISP's news server and this post appears to have
never gotten to the outside world when I check Deja and Remarq!)

I am planning on using the Sygate software product (NAT) on a gateway
machine (two NIC's, one for cable modem, one for hub/LAN)  to give the
Windows95 and Windows98 machines on my peer-peer LAN access to my
cable modem.

It appears that this setup will provide adaquete security for those
machines behind the gateway computer, as the Sygate product includes a
software firewall component protecting those systems behind it on a

I am very concerned however with the security of my gateway machine. I
would like to use this system for file and printer sharing, as it has
a large hard drive and it just makes sense to have a single machine
acting as the big "server" sitting in my broom closet! However, it
appears that the Sygate product (and other such solutions??) does not
provide the same security features for the system actually running it.

Is there a way to make this gateway machine secure with the file and
print sharing active? I would like to have a 2gig partition on it for
my roommates to use to store and transfer files. I'm aware I can use a
long password for the file sharing, but am not sure if this is enough
security?? I would also be curious how to protect the laser printer on
this machine.  I've also heard that if I use NETBEUI for my file and
print sharing that this may be enough security?? (As long as I do NOT
bind NETBEUI to the NIC actually connected to the cable modem.) I'm
not extremely clear on how to set this up, because TCP/IP would be
needed on all the client machines and the NIC connected to the hub so
they could access the cable modem!!

I would prefer to not just load the OS and Sygate on this machine and
stick it in the closet, never to be used for anything but NAT. IMHO,
that's a waste of a 5gig disk and the broom closet which could also
hold a laser printer!

AFAIK, my cable modem provider has implemented a security mechanism
whereby file and printer sharing requests are not allowed to travel in
or out? Would this provide enough protection?

I greatly appreciate any information/advice! I hope to have a good
understanding of the security issues and how to protect my network,
BEFORE learning the hard way! ;)

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