DNS through NAT problem

DNS through NAT problem

Post by Carsten Gramme » Sat, 20 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi folks,

I want to setup a FW1 with 3 zones: Internet, Intranet and corporate network.
forget about the DMZ for the moment as it does not really matter for my
question. To make things more complicate, both Intranet and Corporate
network have potentially overlapping inofficial address ranges, say 192.168.x.x
in the CN and a mix of 192.168.x.x and 172.*.*.* in the intranet. You may
guess it's not a really small company.

In order to be able to access the CN from the intranet I want to use static
NAT mapping 192.168.x.x (CN) to be visible from the intranet as 172.16.x.x
(x.x being unchanged by NAT). The range 172.16.*.* is not used for intranet
hosts and can therefore be used without problems.

There is one Class C net 192.168.10.* in the CN reserved for internal hosts
of our company that have to be visible from the CN. Calls from inside the
intranet to the CN should have their source address translated to one of
these addresses.

I suppose this all can be done with FW1 and NAT. Any hint of HOW to do it
would be helpful.

There is a central DNS server in the CN
providing information about all hosts visible within the CN. The hosts in
our part of the CN are made visible through a DNS server placed in the CN
zone of our network (having a 192.168.10.* address).

Assume in the CN there is a host www.corporate.net
Now the intranet workstation wants to communicate with this host. It is visible from inside
the intranet as Will a DNS request from for
"www.corporate.net" return "" or ""? Of course I want
the latter. That means in other words, are the contents of DNS request
answer packets convertet thru the FW1s NAT feature or not?

I am quite sure any of the cracks can give me a hint in which way to access



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David Arnstein      

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