More on BlackIce Def questions follow up...

More on BlackIce Def questions follow up...

Post by John Gal » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

First off, in test 1 and 2, the BI version is V1.9.6, although in test 2
that point is not relevant, since BI was completely disabled.
I am not sure if this will help, but prior to running test 1 or test 2, I
set up my network settings (control panel, network, configuration tab,
component[s], properties)  of each component in this window exactly as
directed to do for safety, with my bias being to take the option(s) that "I
do not want nor need to share files over a network".
To find how I set my network component properties, go to this link and
follow the directions on it and the following pages:

This is the *only* thing that I can think of that allowed my machine to pass
test #2
(exactly as described in my post headed as "More on BlackICE Def

None of this has really given me a solid answer as to why BI didn't even
blink when test #1 was run as was described in my post headed as
"BlackICE questions..."

Again, I thank one and all who have helped.


1. More on BlackICE Def questions...

I followed your steps with turning off Black Ice.  Run the test.  I came up with
closed ports. Black ice is turned off or not working.  Because we know that
Black Ice is off, it pass that part of the test.

Rebooted computer.  Had to reboot or the computer would not setup Black Ice.
Redid test.  All ports scanned are in Stealth! mode.  Black Ice is on and

Did you restart your computer for the second test?  Do you have the updated
Black Ice version 1.9.6?


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