Watchguard SOHO Feature Upgrade Serial Numbers

Watchguard SOHO Feature Upgrade Serial Numbers

Post by Net » Thu, 21 Mar 2002 05:12:38

        I wish I had these numbers to give out or ???    

Does anyone have any "testing" numbers they'd like to post?



1. HELP!: Does ZoneAlarm block reading/sending of Pentium III serial number in chip?!


I have some questions:

1/ from outside: Does ZoneAlarm block outside attempts to read your PIII
serial number?

2/ but also, from inside: if you install software yourself that tries to
read your serial number and then wants to "phone it home" over the
internet, can ZoneAlarm prevent this from happening by blocking it?

3/ is ZoneAlarm the best choice for all the above, or do you recommend
another firewall?

I would really appreciate it if people with good knowledge about this
would be so kind to clarify this! Thanks in advance!



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