Help with firewall rules

Help with firewall rules

Post by Warren Bel » Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:39:15

I have a firewall script I've been using for a while and need someone to
look it over.  I think it's pretty secure but I just want to check to be

I have a home netork with the Linux machine as the one connected to the
net and masqurading the traffic for three other machines in the house.
What I want to make sure of is that it allows all all traffic from these
other machines to use the internet but _does not_ allow anyone from
outside to connect to any of the internal machines.  The only machine
people from the net should be able to contact is the main machine
running the firewall.  Is that what this ruleset does, and/or is this

Here's the relevant part of the firewall:

EXTERNAL_INTERFACE="ppp0"           # Internet connected interface
LOOPBACK_INTERFACE="lo"             # or your local naming convention
LAN_INTERFACE_1="eth0"              # internal LAN interface
LAN_1=""              # whatever (private) range you use

# set default rule to DENY everything and then let only certain
# packets through
/sbin/ipchains -P input DENY

# allow all output
/sbin/ipchains -A output -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -j ACCEPT

# Disallow Fragmented Packets
/sbin/ipchains -A input -f -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -j DENY -l

# --------------------------------------------------------------------

# Unlimited traffic on the loopback interface
/sbin/ipchains -A input  -i $LOOPBACK_INTERFACE -j ACCEPT
/sbin/ipchains -A output -i $LOOPBACK_INTERFACE -j ACCEPT

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Unlimited traffic within the local network.
# All internal machines have access to the fireall machine.

/sbin/ipchains -A input  -i $LAN_INTERFACE_1 -s $LAN_1 -j ACCEPT
/sbin/ipchains -A output -i $LAN_INTERFACE_1 -d $LAN_1 -j ACCEPT

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Masquerade internal traffic.
# All internal traffic is masqueraded externally.

# Set masquerade timeout
# commented out for the new kernel
#/sbin/ipchains -M -S 7200 10 160

/sbin/ipchains -P forward DENY
/sbin/ipchains -A forward -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -s $LAN_1 -j MASQ

... specific ALLOW and DENY rules


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