InterTrust Electronic Commerce Platform

InterTrust Electronic Commerce Platform

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Hi to all of you,

I recently came across a company called InterTrust (  They claimed to provide the world's first electronic commerce platform.  Their concept of content security sure sounds interesting and I would like to know if anyone have any experience with their solution.  In fact, upon reviewing some of my notes on IBM's crytolope technology, the two look kind of similar in concept.  I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on InterTrust's technology (other than what is available on the Web) and whether it is a copy of IBM's crytolope.

Thanks in advance!
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1. One-day Seminar on Secure Electronic Commerce

Washington, DC Chapter
Association for Computing Machinery
Presents a One-day Professional Development Seminar

Topic: Secure Electronic Commerce

Speaker: Dr. Ravi Sandhu

Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998


        Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland University College,
College Park, Maryland, at the intersection of University Boulevard (MD
193) and Adelphi Road.


        Payment by purchase order--$275. Payment by cash, check, or credit
card--$220 by Oct. 26 and $260 after Oct. 26. Reduced rate for full-time
students and senior citizens (age 60 or over).


        This seminar will provide a comprehensive, self-contained tour of the
technologies and protocols that will drive the Secure Electronic
Commerce, especially on the Internet. A thorough introduction to
cryptographic technology and its applications in electronic commerce
will be provided. Emerging public-key infrastructures and certificate
management will be discussed.


        The seminar is intended for Information Technology professionals who
have little or no background in security. It will benefit software
developers, IT managers, system administrators and users who expect to
deploy or use electronic commerce systems.


        Electronic commerce and security risks

        Cryptographic technology

        X.509/PKIX, SDSI/SPKI Certificates

        Certification Hierarchies

        Certificate Revocation

        The SSL protocol

        Electronic payment systems

        Intellectual property protection

        Trusted timestamps

Speaker: Dr. Ravi Sandhu

        Dr. Ravi Sandhu is Professor of Information and Software Engineering at
George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia and Director of the
Laboratory for Information Security Technology at GMU. Dr. Sandhu holds
PhD and MS degrees from Rutgers University, and BTech and MTech degrees
from IIT Bombay and Delhi respectively. His principal research and
teaching interests are in Information and Systems Security.

        Dr. Sandhu has served as a security consultant to NIST, IRS, IDA, AT&T,
Lucent and SETA Corporation. He is currently Chairman of ACM SIGSAC,
editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Information and System Security
and an editor of IEEE Internet Computing. Dr. Sandhu's web page is at


        Secure Electronic Commerce by Warwick Ford and Michael Baum,
Prentice-Hall and a copy of the speaker's foils.

For Additional Information:

        For additional information about the Fall 1998 professional development
seminars presented by the Washington, DC Chapter of the ACM send e-mail, or call (301) 320-8644.

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