Strange Problem with VisNetic Firewall

Strange Problem with VisNetic Firewall

Post by Unknown Entit » Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:39:13

I decided to try out the VisNetic Firewall.  I remember that Conseal,
its predecessor was excellent.  I installed the trial, and now
everytime I boot up (Toshiba laptop running Windows XP) I get a New
Hardware Wizard or something like that which thinks the firewall is a
new network device.  I cancel it out and all seems to work OK, but it
is a pain in the *ss to deal with this every time.  

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here is my problem in winXP profesional (clean install) after
installing Visnetic :

- browsing doesn't work with  IPs or URLs (so DNS is not the only
- DNS doesn't work
- pinging URL doesn't work
- pinging IP's WORKS (only thing that works)
- same ruleset as in win98 (where works perfectly)
- doesn't matter if firewall is runing or not
- allowing ALL trafic on ALL adapters is futile
- the firewall itself works (is blocking attempts from outside)
- i am not behind a proxy

  If I uncheck(or uninstall) " NDIS IMFilter" in
network properties , everything WORKS except the firewall.

Please help , I love this firewall , it is the best and i don't want
to use anything else

Thank You

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