Bill Gates sucks

Bill Gates sucks

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>: >You had it right in the title. Microsoft sucks.
>: >
>: They may suck, but they own the world...And Bill can afford to suck an awful
>: lot with $12+ Billion!!

>    Yeah, uh huh.  Bill can afford to suck alot, as you put it, but IBM
>can afford to suck alot more.  Not that they DO suck, they can just afford it.

So do your postings. Please remove comp.os.linux.* from "Newsgoups" when you


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1. Bill Gates sucks

DECnet has been around roughly as long as the proto-Internet, and
at one time was the protocol for the largest fully connected general-
purpose network in existence up till then. As far as I know, that
network still uses DECnet (which, however, has migrated to OSI
protocols) and still contains of the order of 10,000 nodes. IMO,
DECnet was passed by for general use because of its proprietary nature
(where have you heard that before?).

Last time I checked, Netware (or more properly IPX/SPX) was the
protocol used by more nodes than any other, including TCP/IP.

SNA is nowhere. :-) That is, if by "nowhere" you mean happily in use
by thousands of aging legacy systems.

It is in fact amazing that TCP/IP still works; it's a tribute to its
developers. All of the protocols mentioned above except SNA (of
course :-), plus dozens of others, owe a considerable intellectual
debt to TCP/IP.

Lee Webber (former DECnet developer)

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9. All HAIL Bill GATES, Windows Forever, the KING of all Operating systems.

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