Question: ZA vs ZA Pro

Question: ZA vs ZA Pro

Post by Marcu » Wed, 16 May 2001 13:39:01

  If you were to use ICS, or require specific port opening, or password
protecting the configuration, then go with ZAP. Otherwise, ZA is still free
for personal use.

Quote:> I have been using the free version of ZA for quite a while and have
> had no problems whatsoever.

> What are the pros of upgrading to ZA Pro for a single cable modem
> user?

> Thanks!

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1. ZA 2.6 Pro vs. ZA 3.5 (Free) Reinstall Problems

Oh I need a brain oil change.  And I knew better.  But I decided to
"upgrade" from ZA 2.6 Pro to the current free version.  As reported in
this NG, this current version has a few quirks and so I tried to go
back to my bullet-proof 2.6 Pro.  The new version left all kinds of
registry entries and files on the computer even after the uninstall.
And then I got error messages left and right.

So I spent a few hours trying to clean out evidence of either program.
I've used the instructions from the ZA site to remove many left over
components after the automatic uninstall.  Then I used several
registry cleaners to chase down a few more entries in the registry.
Then I did a search of the registry for the last few (?) ZA entries.
And now I intend to run the machine for a few days without a firewall
just to see if the problems really are related to ZoneAlarm.

IF ... oh IF ... I can get a few days without problems, then I intend
to reinstall the older version.  Has anyone else had this experience
and would you have any further guidance for me?

Thanks in advance.

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