Re Locking out of directories

Re Locking out of directories

Post by john lei » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am using a single-user, double-boot Windows 95 (for my sins)/ DOS 6.22 with
Windows 3.11 system.  Does anyone out there know of any software, preferably
freeware or shareware (i.e. sensibly priced) which will enable me to "lock
out", thereby restricting access to, whole directories so that my son won't be
able to*up my letters and spreadsheets?



1. Accout Lock outs

I am experiencing users who continously get locked out after changing their
password.  Is there a utility or trick to tracking down the culprit of the
event?  This has occurred on different accts at different times, but always
in unison with a password change.  We have a win2k pdc/bdc on the same
subnet, and appear to be synching regularly.  Any thoughts?

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