sshd: rcvd big packet

sshd: rcvd big packet

Post by Markus Frie » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:24:57

Quote:>[Yes, I DID perform a search in and, but to no

[NO, you did NOT give informations about what ssh versions
are involved].

Quote:>sshd[23593]: channel 2: rcvd big packet 2996, maxpack 2048

this looks like a known bug in VanDykes ssh client.
check for a new release.

1. Rcvd big packet


Does anyone know how to increase the allowable packet size for ssh, my
are full of messages like the below.
sshd[1745]: channel 6: rcvd big packet 2936, maxpack 2048

What could be causing these and is there a way to fix this.


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