Zone Alarm IE5.5 Crash

Zone Alarm IE5.5 Crash

Post by Graeme Coate » Sun, 05 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Whenever I set the internet lock to be on, and then try to access tthe
internet using IE5.5, Zone Alarm (correctly) prevents access, but IE5.5 then
crashes saying an error has occured in the application and error logs are
being produced.

A crash surely shouldn't occur - am I correct in thinking it should come up
with a "page not found" error?

I wonder if anyone has had the same problem, and if there is a workaround?


Athlon Tbird 700
Win 2000 SP1
Zone Alarm 2.1.44
True Vector 2.1.44
IE 5.5 with all patches installed


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Can anyone tell me what the 'Services and Controller app 5.00.2134.1'
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