Password Generators.

Password Generators.

Post by Stephen N MacPhail CS » Wed, 27 Jan 1993 03:48:40

        Has anyone out there ever used password generators? How good are they?
Is it a good idea to use them and where can I get one?

                        Ta very much.

Stephen Neil MacPhail,
Final Year Research,
University Of Strathclyde.


1. Simple Combined Random Password Generator and Password Logger

I'm trying to find a Windows-based randon password generator program that
will suit my
needs and hope that someone out there has heard of one.

Our setup is we have a number of secretaries who type confidential
documents. We wish to have the document files located in a central folder
that can be accessed from any computer. Due to the nature of the contents of
the files, we need to password protect them. This will be done using the
standard password system in most word processing packages.

The password will be written in the hard copy file. Therefore, if someone
has access to the hard copy file, they will see the printed letters and will
therefore not need the file password.

However, these hard copy files have a habit of disappearing from time to
time. Therefore, the password written in the hard copy file also disappears.
So what I need is a program that can generate random passwords and record
them in a single file over a network that only one person can access- this
may be because it is located in a secure computer to which the secretaries
cannot access, or because it is encrypted, or even beacuse the secretaries
do not know where the file is.

The program should have a simple user interface with perhaps only two fields
and a generate password button.

One field should correspond to ID or Reference No.
The second should display the generated password and not be blanked out.
A button must be present to generate the password.

The system does not have to be ultra hard to crack since the information it
is protecting is not very confidential. Also, if the password is generated
from a large databse of real words, it will make this easier.

However, the program mus also record the password over an ethernet. It must
record the ID or Reference No. and the password. This may be in a text file,
preferably encrypted but it's not necessary.

Obviously if it is encrypted, it needs to be able to be read by someone with
a suitable program.

I would appreciate it verymuch if someone could help.I've tried searching
for a suitable program but they all seem way too complicated for the
secretaries to use and unnecessarily heavyweight.



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