Token does not contain builtin and local group entries of foreign domain

Token does not contain builtin and local group entries of foreign domain

Post by Vipu » Sat, 14 Sep 2002 22:51:14

Subject:         Token does not contain builtin and local group entries of foreign domain

Problem:         The user token does not contain the entries of the foreign domain local-group to which it belongs
                    It only contains the entries of the current domain local group to which it belongs

Description:     We are doing access check on Active Directory object for performing a particular operation. ex: Create User rights

                     1. In our COM component we are getting the caller token (caller is actually coming via IIS) ex: Forest1-User

                     2. We get the NT Security descriptor of the object from the directory. For the above operation the parent object SD

                     3. Forest1-User is a member of Forest2-LocalGroup & that group has full rights on the object

                     4. AccessCheckByTypeResultList () is used to perform access check

                     5. But Access check fails if it is performed on Forest1 machine .... whereas it succeeds on Forest2 machine

So how can I perform an fool-proof access check

Thanks in anticipation


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