HELP! Mac/tap driver problem with Tiny Firewall

HELP! Mac/tap driver problem with Tiny Firewall

Post by Get there Fast » Wed, 29 Aug 2001 05:46:02

I had this prog on my system and for a while it worked like a charm,
untill I accidently deleted a few files from my system and now the
damn thing gives me the following fire driver error message:

Mac Transferdata: Invalid buffer tag

I tried everything, even re-installed win98 but the presistent error
message wont go. I'd appreciate if someone could explain what TAP is
and where/how I can get the missing driver? Your reply would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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hi all.

I have installed tiny personal firewall (till now i used Zone Alarm) and
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let it connect internet?? I use winXP.

Thx all


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