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Desktop Icon

Post by Ken » Wed, 02 Jan 2002 03:12:23


Does anyone have any ideas on a way to set up an icon on
the desktop that would activate a VB for applications
macro without having to hit alt-F11 and then F5?

I would appreciate any help.



1. OL98 desktop icon changed to Inbox icon


    I use Outlook 98 version 8.5.5104.6 and love it.  Yesterday I
uninstalled my MS Plus and when I rebooted my Outlook 98 desktop icon was
not recognized, meaning there was no Outlook, no nothing for the picture.  I
decided to re-installed MS Plus and Outlook icon became my Inbox Icon.
    Now, I know I could just make another short cut but if you noticed that
by right clicking, and properties, on the desktop icon you will get Internet
accounts.  If I make an new icon on the desktop I will no longer have this
in my properties.  On the same note, if I right click, and properties, as I
would for a different icon and try to "change icon" this cannot be done.
    So, is there anyone out there that knows how I can change my Outlook
icon back to the Outlook icon that is supposed to be there?


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