Automatically updating several calendars from one source

Automatically updating several calendars from one source

Post by Paul Madav » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 04:17:22


Running Office 2k on exchange 2k server.

I have a group of people that need to have their calendars
regularly updated to match the calendar of one individual,
without losing their own calendar entries.

Anybody know how?


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    I've been having some trouble with this, so any help would be greatly
appreciated.  I've imported a table into Access and am trying to use 7
append queries to update a different field in one new record.  The queries
all use similar fields from a different table.  The queries give me counts
of an autonumber field I added to the table.  I then want to place each
number in it's corresponding column on a new record from the append queries.
The problem is, is that instead of placing the numbers all one one line,
they appear staggered.

For example, instead of looking like this:

21 21 21 21 21 51 68

They look like this:


I need to find a way to get the numbers to all be on one line, instead of
adding a new record for each append query.  I have them running one after
another in a macro, but they appear like that.  Since they share criteria
with matching fields, combining them together screws up all the criteria and
I get 0's instead of the numbers I want.  Am I going about this the right

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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