Paste into Notes 3.2 from Word 6.0

Paste into Notes 3.2 from Word 6.0

Post by Joel Upchur » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I've had an odd problem. A user copies some text from MS Word 6.0 to
the clipboard and pastes it into a mail memo on Notes 3.21.She was
using the template with 1.25 inch margins. The text
ends up with a left margin of zero and the left most characters don't
get printed. I've reproduced this on another station running the same
version of Notes. When I try it with Notes 3.0 the text pastes fine
with a 1 inch left margin. This appears to be a bug with how 3.2 handles
RTF from the clipboard. Has anyone seen this before? I have a system
with 3.3, but it doesn't have Word on it, so I haven't tried it with

I've told the user to select the text and set the text paragraph margin
to one inch after she pastes it, but I'd like a better answer.

I'm still tracking down the MSIMP.DLL so I can try an import instead of a


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1. paste from Lotus notes R5 to Word 2000 pastes garbage.

I have not been able to find anything about this problem in either MS
ot Lotus knowledge base.

Often when I copy a selection in a Lotus notes email and paste it to a
Word 2000 (Windows 2000) document what I get is garbage.

To be more specific What gets pastes appears to be the RTF encoded
see sample below
_r_t_f_1_ _a_n_s_i_ __c_o_l_o_r_t_b_l_r_e_d_0_g_r_e_e_n_0_b_l_u_e_0_;_r_e_d_2_5_5_g_r_e_e_n_2_5_5_b_l_u_e_2_5_5_;_r_e_d_2_5_5_g_r_e_e_n_0_b_l_u_e_0_;_r_e_d_0_g_r_e_e_n_2_5_5_b_l_u_e_0_;_r_e_d_0_g_r_e_e_n_0_b_l_u_e_2_5_5_;_r_e_d_2_5_5_g_r_e_e_n_0_b_l_u_e_2_5_5_;_r_e_d_2_5_5_g_r_e_e_n_2_5_5_b_l_u_e_0_;_r_e_

The problem seems gto happen more often when the selected data
contains a mixture of formatting in notes eg chang eof font or bold

Has anyone come across this or know of if it has been fixed or is even
a known problem?


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