Keeping a frameset open when using FileCloseWindow (Newbie Question)

Keeping a frameset open when using FileCloseWindow (Newbie Question)

Post by bullrunne » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:28:03

I am developing my first Domino application which has a three-frame
frameset - Title, Navigation and Content.  I have a shared action

documents that are displayed in the Content frame.  The trouble is it
closes the whole frameset.  Is there a way to just close the document
and return a Page to the Content frame?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm stuck on this and need to
get around it quickly.



1. Close form in frameset, leave frameset open

I have R5.04 app that uses an outline and a frameset for all app
navigation.  The outline is in the left frame, and the various app
elements open up in the right frame.  So far so good.  If I open a
data entry form in my right frame, closing it, closes my frameset.  I
have a "close" action on my called form that does some validation and

also closes the frameset.

Is there someway to close the form and not the frameset?

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