Internote News Setup

Internote News Setup

Post by John Jord » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I am attempting to use the Internote News product.  I have installed
the software on an NT 3.5 server using TCP/IP and DHCP/WINS for the IP
address and host name resolution.  The version of Notes is 3.31.  The
software seems to install properly although it does create an emtpy
group with InterNotes News as the title.  Next I configure the
inconfig.nsf file with the Notes server name: grinch/MSLTest, the news
server:, and the default SMTP domain of  The TCP/IP name of the machine is  When I start the notes server and load innews
it does not complain about anything except that there are no
subscribed groups.  The innews software does not retreive the
newsgroup list from the news server when the tell innews newgroups
command is issued.  Agent works just fine on the machine. (I am
posting this message with it)  Any info would be appreciated.  


Microstar Software Ltd.
Nepean, Ontario


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Anyone experience this problem?

We've just installed InterNotes 2.0 and all seems to have gone well with
one exception. Newsgroups that we have subscribed to are only being
refreshed as of the last transfer time. Something like this;  Newsgroup
subscribed to at 16:00, forced transfer at 16:01, received error =  
INNEWS: Received invalid response from news server '',
error: 33:E4.

We only received 4 messages into the database before the error. Now when
ever you force a transfer you only get the messages that were posted since
the last transfer (if any).

Does anyone know how to get the past messages that we missed? Configuration
documents do have the expiry date set to fifteen days (default).


Matt Turany

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