DocumentCollection question

DocumentCollection question

Post by Jason Brun » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know of some way to merge two document collections?
Or is there some way I can add/remove a single document from a collection at
a time?



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I have got a database that contains Contact data.  I want to give the
user the option to add the contact to their personal address book.  All
works fine if I just add the contact, but I want to check that the
contact does not already exist.  I have got the following code

If (b.IsPrivateAddressBook) Then
   ' open the address book and find out path to address book
   Call b.Open("", "")
   filename = b.FileName
   filepath = b.FilePath
   servername = b.Server
   ' check to see if contact already exists
   Set view = b.GetView("($VIMPeopleByLastName)")
   Set dc = view.GetAllDocumentsByKey(LastName)
   Call dc.PutAllInFolder("FoundContacts")

The dc.PutAllInFolder method does not appear to be working.  The
dc.Count is greater than 1 so I know the documents are selected in the
collection, but the collection is not put into the folder.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong.


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