Submit for Approval Action Button ,[FileSave]& [FileCloseWindow]

Submit for Approval Action Button ,[FileSave]& [FileCloseWindow]

Post by Andr » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 05:11:28

I have a Submit for Approval button on my form, and this is the
formula for the Action:

approval" ;" " ; "Please view the document to be added to the Company
Policy database. Click on the link to view and approve new policy.  ";

The last line is what I am having trouble with.  I have wrote it this
way and

document at all.  The document reamains in edit mode.  But the e mail
gets sent and teh field 'Status' changes to "Submitted for Approval".
If I try to close the document using the X on the Window it pops up
and says- Would you like to Save....blah blah blah.  Once I get my
code to work, I want to take that box out- I think I can use
Field SaveOptions:="0".
Thanks in advance for any help I get.



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