Error 519 document has invalid structure

Error 519 document has invalid structure

Post by Jeffrey McKa » Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:00:00

We have written a Notes mail gateway in which we use the "Mailxxx"
routines of the C API.  This has worked fine at various Notes
installations, however there is one site where I am getting
ocassional (10%) failures of the routine "MailTransferMessageLocal".
The error code is 519 which corresponds to "Document has invalid
structure".  Does anyone know exactly what causes this?  It seems to
be related to the individual who is receiving the message.  Sending
to the same individual (and a few others) always generates the
error.  However there is nothing to distinguish these people from
others who can get messages fine.  Also there is nothing different
about the message content - even simple one liners fail.  Any help
would be most appreciated.

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Thanks in advance,

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