Lotus Notes vs Excel (Error : String Too Large !)

Lotus Notes vs Excel (Error : String Too Large !)

Post by Cyru » Fri, 27 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I wrote a Lotus Script in Action Button.  It process the view information
and create an excel object.  Then, the processed information is passed to
excel spreadsheet.

My problem is that, after I finish all the instructions in Script, it
called the SaveAs dialog box to allow user to specify the file name.
Finally, the file will be saved.  After that, an error message ("String Too
Large!") prompt in Lotus Environment.  When I processed the script in debug
mode, I stepped into all scripts, it is fine.  i.e. the error message only
comes out when the script is running in non-debug mode.

Any one who got idea about this ?
Please sent me the details.

Thanks in advance



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I'd like constructive, knowledgable, non-sales-hyped comments/suggestions
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