Mail Rules and Calendar Profiles (R5) - who really can answer this?

Mail Rules and Calendar Profiles (R5) - who really can answer this?

Post by Mike Silvi » Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:47:13

Hi everyone-
I've seen lots of postings on how mail rules get messed up for different
reasons and just stop working.  This usually happens when there is a
mismatch between certain fields in the mail rule document and the users
Calendar profile.

My understanding is that incoming mail is first checked against the users
calendar profile for enabled rules.  we have had many occasiions when rules
just stop working - we know there are many things users can do to cause

My questions are:
1.  Where does the router find the calendar profile to check?  Is it in the
users mail db on the server, or is found somewhere else (e.g. busytime.nsf -
which contains info from calendar profiles.
2.  If it is in the users mail database - how do I find it and delete it?
I've already tried Notespeak, but there are so many documents listed that I
can go through all of them to find which one is the profile.  Is there a way
to find the NoteID for this document?
3.  If it's not in the users mail db, where is it on the server? In
busytime.nsf for example.  In that case, I assume, I can delete it from

My hope is to:
a.  disable and delete all of the users mail rules, then
b.  find and delete the calendar profile, then
c.  recreate all of the rules.
Will it work?


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Jan Rudolph

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