One analogue and one digital.

One analogue and one digital.

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Dear All,

We are currently running Lotus Notes 4.6, we have remote laptop users and a
connection to a sister company that routes our internet mail.
We are using a 33.6 modem to send/ recieve/replicate at the Domino server to
the laptop users and to our sister company.

We are as you can imagine experiencing problems with a lack of available
bandwidth. 100+ users with a 33.6K modem at the server. We have ISDN
capability on site and ISDN at the sister company, We are wondering if it
possible to use Lotus Notes with both a Terminal adapter for the connection
to our ISDN sister company, whilst still allowing remote users to connect to
the server via modem.


What we want?

Two coms devices set up through notes one to answer analogue calls from
remote users the other to provide us with a connection to another server
running notes over ISDN?

Is it an easy process to set this up, what steps do I need to do to achieve
this ?
Is it possible to use a terminal adapter with Notes 4.6, does notes 4.6 have
any speed limitations or compatibility issues with Terminal Adapters ?

Sorry to sound so dim, but I would really appreciate any assistance you
might give. Thanks in advance


Justin Chamberlain
MCSE MCP+I A+ CNA, lacking terribly in Notes administration)

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