Someone successfully running InterNotes News?

Someone successfully running InterNotes News?

Post by A. Iakovl » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00


Is there someone successfully running the latest SDK release on NT? Is
working OK?




1. InterNotes News running only at nights?

If it is not possible to set the cross-posting and spooling periods in InterNotes News, is it possible to make it run only at
nights? It is possible to load it in the evening from the program section of Name and Address book, but I haven't found a way to u
nload it (i.e. tell innews quit).

Our company is reading only some newsgroups (10-20), but because of frequent cross-posting and spooling (which take place usually
in vain) InterNotes News increases the load of the computer very much.

Thank you in advance

Tero Heikkil?
Sofor Oy

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