PROBLEMS with : Notes 5.01 B

PROBLEMS with : Notes 5.01 B

Post by Rune Carlse » Fri, 05 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have updated my Notes cklint with all the patches.
I am currenty using 5.01a.
Now 5.01b is released, but i can an error trying to update it, saying :

"This executable failed integrity verification. It is unusable."

I have Lotus Notes installed on d:\lotus\notes.
That couldn't be the problem, could it ?
All the other updates found this path, with no problem.

I have tried to download once again, same problem. The file works !

Please let me know,


1. Problem notes 5.01 to 5.04 inbox view

Hello !

Could anyone help me about problem on Lotus Notes client and inbox view. I
have severals servers in 5.01 and client in 5.01 german, dutch, english and
5.03 French. For few days now i have updated on of my domino server
(faxserver) in 5.04 French. 3 days later all client all around subsidiary
german, english, dutch and french have the same problem, all memos arrives
in mailbox and nothing appears in inbox, but if you look in all documents
you can see your memos.

    It seems due to this update there's something wrong in ntf base,
mail50.ntf i suppose ?

Why inbox view doesn't work anymore ?!!

Even on client when i refresh database structure, nothing more ;-((

What can i do to retrieve and restore inbox view ?

Thanks for all

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