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How can you do that in LS without calling an agent ???





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to answer this Question is not realy easy becaus I must to know, if you
are in a document, view....

I have an application and in the Document i call following

If uidoc.editmode then
   call uidoc.close   ' Interestingpart for you!!
End If

dpsa schrieb:

Quote:> How can you do that in LS without calling an agent ???

> Thanks...

> PhiL.


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Hi all:

I posted another message about this previously but didn't get a solution.
Here are more details:

I am writing an Action for a form that should:
    Change the value of a field in a document
    Save the document
    Close the document

prompted to save--EVEN though I just saved.  Its a very simple App--single
form, a few editable fields currently.

Here's the formula that I am using for the Action:

That's it.  All commands execute fine.  When I get to the FileCloseWindow, I
get prompted to save.


Guy Ellis

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