SMTP Gateway

SMTP Gateway

Post by Pete McPhedr » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have found that my Notes server is a real dog (apologies to dogs) when I replaced my FTP PCTCP with IBM TCPIP so that I could run
the SMTP Gateway (nice move Lotus!)

Is this the case everywhere, or is it possible that this is a configuration issue with my environment? It is a Novell 3.12 network,
OS/2 2.11, Notes 3.30, Netware Requester 2.1 and IBM TCPIP 2.0 with a bunch of patches off Topology
is Ethernet using a 3COM ELKIITP, hardware is P60, 32MB RAM.

The same machine is also running the MEF. There are very few users and the server only has a TCPIP and COM port enabled. No
additional 'Internet' apps are running, i.e. ftpd, telnetd etc...

Thank you very much,

Pete McPhedran


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Hi all,

I have one question for the experienced guys out here.

Currently, we have two gateways, one for converting incoming internet to
notes and another gateway, for converting outgoing notes mail to internet.

Management  feels that for easier administration, the gateway should be
consolidated for both incoming and outgoing gateway

However, I feel this config has advantages, eg when the incoming gateway
fails, the other can still handle the outgoing traffic

Also, if there is one gateway,  we will need another gateway to act as a
failover.  However, I understand this is not possible using notes
clustering.  What is needed for this setup such that if the
outgoing/incoming gateway fails, it can 'switch' to another gateway which
does the same thing?

Also, anyone care to advise whether the current setup is better or having
them consolidated.

btw, anyone use a Sendmail switch as a front end hub?  What is the advantage
if any?

Thanks in advance.

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