Domino R 5.01 on Linux 7.0

Domino R 5.01 on Linux 7.0

Post by J?rg Bieke » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:53:53

i have Domino R501 global englisch edition installed on suse 7.0 prof. i
configured odbc on the system and run successfully the supplied demoodbc
c-application to test the connection to the odbc data source. but when i try
to connect via a little java-application (jdbc-odbc-bridge) or the lsxodbc
lib with my lotusscript agents the app and agent give the following error:
Specified driver could not be loaded
Does anybody knows what is missing for those application to work with odbc.
with kind regards,
J?rg Bieker

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Guys (of either gender),

This problem is not to be found in the knowledge base (yay):
I have an outline in a page in a frameset, to be displayed in the outline
applet: Using the same browser, it appears OK when served off a Domino 5.06a
server, but not off of a 5.01 server (

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