computed field value is not show up after replication

computed field value is not show up after replication

Post by Cantar/Polyair I.T. Suppor » Wed, 27 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi to all programmer:
      I create an database for recording production data for multiple
location.  Inside this database, I create a form contain one field for
displaying speed as  a number base on certain condition of other field such
as plant, machine type and product type.  One restriction of the database is
server A as me can see others such as server B and server C, in oppostie,
server B and server C can only see themselves; therefore, I created views
for server A, B, and C. then give right in the ACL of database tha t is
reside on server A.  The problem is when  user in branch B and branch C
input information, the value show up in view B and view C, but when I
perform PULL  [sever name] <database> command, the value  does not show up
on view B and view C on server A.  I have try search help from the web, its
seemed that is no similar problem that  is  being occur as in my case.
Please forward any suggest  to this mail box.  thanks in advance.

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Any help on this one would be appreciated.

I have a computed text field which uses a formula to create
an e-mail message on document-save.

This works fine, but when the field is changed to computed rich text,
the message is computed on creation but NOT on save (confirmed by

computed causes it to work properly.

Has anyone else hit this one, or is there an inherent problem with
computed rich text fields?

Thanks in advance
Roger Staff
High Wycombe, UK

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