IIB Files after Notes updates ?

IIB Files after Notes updates ?

Post by MrBea » Thu, 23 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Dear Notes user,

I ran all the downloaded UPGRADE files for my workstation of R5. This
worked allright. After this I noticed that I had a lot of .IIB files in
my Notes directory. These take up MORE than my Notes directory in
total !

I think these are a sort of backup of all the templates. Can somebody
tell me if this is right ?!?!

Can I delete them without doing harm ?

Greetings and thanx in advance.


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IIB Files after Notes updates ?

Post by Esa Laitin » Thu, 23 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Can I delete them without doing harm ?

They're the old versions of the files that upgrade replaced. If you don't
think you'll downgrade you can delete them.

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1. Update lotus notes database from text file

My boss has given me a new challenge.  Learn Lotus Notes programming.

I've now been a Lotus Notes programmer for about 3 months.  I've made
some views and forms, but up until now, that's about it.

Now a new chore.  I need to update documents in a database from a text
file.  This only occurs once a month.

The database is nothing more than records consisting of about 7
fields.  Basically a standard vendor information database.
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Vendor Number
Vendor Name
Vendor Address
Vendor City
Vendor State
Vendor Zip
Vendor Phone

Now, the text file, being obtained as comma delimited, will contain
any of the following:
1)  A row with exacting information
2)  A row with changes to the individual vendor
3)  A new vendor
4)  Special:  a vendor no longer used so it has been omitted. (Hence
not in the text file)

Need to somehow update the .nsf database with this new text file to
reflect the changes/additions/deletions.

Current solution my company has been using:
Delete ALL records and reload from the text file (Whew, I'm not real
keen on doing that anymore!)

Possible Solutions:
1)  I thought about making another replica database and, when the time
comes, delete ALL the records from my newly created secondary
database, then load the text file into it, then allow replication to
go one-way only.  This would update the production database with the
records.  Not really sure if that would work or not.

2)  Create my secondary database, delete ALL the records, upload the
new text file.  Create a simple agent to copy the documents over to
the production server.

In the Agent's settings, choose the setting for which documents should
be copied >> All new and modified documents since last run

3)  Create an Access database and somehow link the two up and have
Access update the Lotus Notes database.  This seems a little harder to
get working though.

I would appreciate any feedback that anyone could give me.

Thanks for your time,


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