Associate one cell with another cell??

Associate one cell with another cell??

Post by Bil » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00


Is there a way to associate one cell with another and then sort on
only one of the pair?

I have 5 sheets, two areas per sheet. Each area has a label. So there
will be ten labels associated with 10 numbers. I want the label to
join with the number and sort by the number.

For all 5 sheets:
A17 and A56  = Label

I want for all 5 sheets:
B15 to be linked to A17
B54 to be linked to A56

And sort by #. The final table would be:

A:A17  A:B15
A:A56  A:B54
B:A17  B:B15
B:A56  B:B54

...up to ten label/number combos and sort by the b column data.
Did I say that three ways and three times?? :)

Bill Haynes


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