Crystal Reports from Lotus Notes

Crystal Reports from Lotus Notes

Post by X_Aki Nieminen » Wed, 08 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Use OLE Automation from LS. This way you can launch reports to a
report viewer. Notes still in not the best possible container
application for OCX/ActiveX components.

Anyone know how to control Crystal Info Server services from Notes?

I would like to pass a sql "WHERE" clause from Notes to a report file
located on Info Server and launch the report.

OLE Automation from LS:
declare obj & objRpt variables in a report global declaration section
to make them stay alive and kicking...
You must have installed OLE Automation service to each and every
client. Plain runtime-dll files are not enough to run this example,
but OLE Automation must be registered before using it. No problem, if
you test this from your own computer having Crystal Design full
installation. However, Installation program for runtime-dlls and OLE
Automation registration must be setup for end users. (InstallShield is
one solution)

Set obj = createObject("Crystal.CRPE.Application")
Set objRpt = obj.OpenReport("r:\reports\country.rpt")
objRpt.ReportSelectionFormula="<modify selection formula here>"

>Has anyone gotten a Crystal Reports control to work from within a Lotus
>Notes form?  The reports run fine from outside of Notes.  I was trying to
>get the activex control to work from a form and take adjustments from Lotus
>Script.  I have been unable to get the control to work interactively
>(w/properties) as in VB.

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