Datalink 32 BIT ?

Datalink 32 BIT ?

Post by Jesper Clause » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00


I will try to use Datalink from Brainstorm together with Lotus Notes
ver. 4 32 bit. Do you know a place where I can download a evaluation
package in 32 bit, on Brainstorms own homepage it's only 16 bit, but ive
heard that a 32 bit version should exist.




Datalink 32 BIT ?

Post by JTCASPE » Sun, 20 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Jesper -- according to Brainstorm, Datalink ver. 3.5 will support 32 bit
Lotus Notes. However, ver. 3.5 is not due to be released for a month or
so.  Until then, based on my experience, you must use the Notes v4 16-bit


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We've developed a Lotus Notes 4.5 application on Windows NT (32-bit).
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LotusScript changes (such as commenting) are made on the 16-bit machine,
the coded doesn't compile, and when LotusScript is executed, unexpected
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There are rumours that there is a bug with release 4.5 that causes such
an incompatibility between the 32-bit and 16-bit environments.

Is anyone able to confirm this?


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