Unexpected Error - Who's seen this one before?

Unexpected Error - Who's seen this one before?

Post by Serc » Sat, 04 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm upgrading a client's db from Access 95 to 97 (2000 not an option for
them yet).

the database has a lot of VBA code and connects to some form of SQL database
as well.  It runs successfully under Access 95.

PROBLEM.  Once converted I can't open any module or code for a form.  When I
click the design button for any module, a dialog appears with
Unexpected Error (40230)
This happened occaisionally with 95, but disappeared with a restart.  Help
for the error simply says contact Microsoft suport.  When the error occured
with 95, there was no error number, just a blank dialog window.

The access 95 database is secured and as recommended by help I used Access
97 to compact the .mdw file first before joining it.

There are compilation errors - reported by conversion utility - otherwise
the conversion appears complete.

Rod Gill