Word window disappears when "opening" a doc

Word window disappears when "opening" a doc

Post by B. Baxte » Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:44:44

When I start up Word (from Office XP) on my Win98se system it starts
maximized with a blank doc ready to go.  HOWEVER, when I go to FILE--OPEN
(or the open file icon on toolbar) the whole window is minimized to the
taskbar.  That's it...no open file dialog box, no nothing.  I must then
click on the taskbar button for Word to maximize/display the open file
dialog box, then choose my file by browsing, and then everything seems to be
back to normal.

In fact, after it does this the first time I open it and go through it once,
as long as I keep the application open, it does not recur.

I've never experienced this before with any program.  Why is the application
disappearing itself upon executing this option?