Creating addins.

Creating addins.

Post by Richa » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:37:21

Can anyone point me in the direction of any information on how to
create your own MS Access addins.

Does anyone have the source for an existing addin so that I can "play"
around with it.



1. Need help creating addin

I'm trying to create an Excel addin using VBA in Office 2001 on an iBook
running MacOS 9.22.  I have 288 megs of RAM in the iBook, VM on, and
Excel is allocated 120,000 K preferred with minimum still set to the
default of 6344 K.

I create a workbook containing the (Public) functions I want in the
addin and test that they work properly.  I then protect the codemodule,
exit VBA to Excel, name the workbook via Properties, and save it as an
Excel Addin.  I create a new workbook, open the addin from the Excel
menu, go to VBA, execute the line
"addins("NAME").Installed = True".  At this point, if I try to use the
addin functions, I get a compiler message "Function not found".  If I
try to add a reference to the addin from the VBA Tools menu, however, I
get a message "Name conflicts with existing module, project or
library."  If I go back to Excel and turn off the addin, then return to
VBA and try to add the reference, I still get "Name conflicts...".
Ditto, if I quit Excel, start again, create a new workbook and don't
open the addin; still "Name conflicts..." when I open the ref in VBA.
If I change all the names in all the functions in the addin, still "Name

Can someone tell me what's wrong?  Unfortunately, this is typical of my
experience with Excel 2001 on the Mac.  Nothing beyond the simpler
operations ever seems to work smoothly, or is documented well enough
that one can tell what is wrong, and the error messages are low in
useful content.  (Useful content would be something like "Name "XXXX"
conflicts with name "XXXX" in module "YYY" of existing library "ZZZ".)

And while I'm venting, why does VBA call every addin I make
"VbaProject", instead of using the distinct names I give them so I can
distinguish them?  Is there some advantage I don't perceive in naming
them all alike, or some insuperable challenge in using the names I

Dave Ring

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