Silent Install of O2K with SR1 doens't work

Silent Install of O2K with SR1 doens't work

Post by Dirk Burkhard » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Hi there !

I have to distribute O2K with SR1 to a lager number of clients - everything
has to run silently !
When using O2K without SR1 everything works fine.
But when using O2K with SR1 installing from an administrative point I get a
confirmation box for a reboot after the 2nd portion of o2k setup - even
though I used the same command line options !

-Nt 4.0 Workstation with SP5
- IE 5.0

Detailed description of what I have done so far
1.) created administrative installation point on a remote server
2.) updated this administrative point with SR1
        "msiexec /a \\<remote server>\<share of administrative
point>\data1.msi /p <path of sr1-update-source>\data1.msp shortfilenames=1"
3.) Included line "REBOOT=Force" in the file setup.ini which is to be found
within the administrative installation point
4.) Executing setup on a client to be installed
TRANSFORMS="\\testpb1\office2k\mst\office2000_SR1.MST" /qb-"
Remark: Within my mst-file I have set the "REBOOT=Force"-option either
5.) The 1st portion of o2k runs silently --> Reboot
    After logging on as administrator the 2nd portion runs (configuring o2k
environment) but at last I get a confirmation box (translated from german):
    "You have to restart your computer to make the changed configuration of
o2k take effect. Click "Yes" to restart your computer now or "No" to
    This message has defineley not appeared using the old administrative
point with the same command line options

Can someone tell me why everything went fine with the old administrative
point -meaning silently- and now no more ?
How can I fully automate the procedure now ?

Thanks in  advance,



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